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Floppy the Rabbit

Necknapperz are simply the best travel pillows on the planet. One neckpillow is typically just like another and usually just sit in a closet until the one time you actually remember to take them along on a trip with you. Necknapperz are completely different. They are huggable, cuddly buddies that provide hours of entertainment as children’s travel toys and then magically convert into a comfortable neck pillow only when you need them. They are not only the perfect neck pillow on the market, but the best plush travel toy as well.

Each Floppy the Rabbit Necknapperz travel pillow is made of incredibly soft fabric to make every experience enjoyable against smooth skin regardless of whether it is in the character form or the neck pillow mode. The pillows are filled with space-age microbeads that provide cooling comfort anywhere you use them. Unlike neck pillows that use memory foam or stuffing, the micro-bead technology allows the pillow to conform to your specific needs wherever you are. Whether using them in the car, in an airplane, on a train or when you’re at home in front of the TV, the beads move to accommodate their surroundings, provide the best support, comfort and keep the neck aligned properly. In addition, the beads allow the free movement of air to keep the travel pillow cool for long periods of time against your skin. Although Necknapperz travel pillows were made with children in mind, these cuddly buddies are a perfect companion for people of any age. Most of us are children at heart anyway!

We warrantee each Necknapperz pillow for 30 days after purchase.

Click here to see care instructions.

Hi I’m Floppy. I am a fuzzy rabbit who wants to be your best friend. We love to hop around and can even jump three feet into the air! Most of us are pretty small compared to our human buddies; but one rabbit named “Darius” in England is over 4 feet tall and weighs over 50 pounds! Most rabbits (over half) live in North America but we can be found almost everywhere in the world. There are over 2 million rabbits living inside human’s homes as pets right now but the rest of us live in underground tunnels called “warrens”. When we get together in large groups, it is called a colony. How high can you jump?

Price : $14.99
1.00 LBS
$7.99 (Fixed shipping cost)

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