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Asleep in a car without proper neck supportWe have been in the toy business for over 20 years and have seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to stuff that beeps, flies, buzzes and splats. This product, however, is completely different. Instead of being motivated simply by distributing fun, we were instead prompted by seeing our own growing families deal with craned necks while sleeping in the car and waking up with headaches. I’m sure most of you reading this with kids have looked into the back seat on long trips and have seen the most unnatural neck positioning ever! After a year of development, we were able to present the revolution in travel pillows for kids to the world. We say “for kids” because we are in the toy industry; but this is the best neck pillow for any age. Each u-shaped pillow is made with the softest fabric we could find to provide the most comfort against the skin. The fabric was chosen for its comfort and the ability to keep cool for long periods of restful sleep. The filling is made with space-age microbeads that can shift to accommodate any sleeping position, and allow for the movement of air that also maintains a cool pillow regardless how long they are in use. Kids who have a high-backed car seat can squish the microbeads to the sides of the pillow so their heads aren’t pushed forwards by the carseat. And no other neck pillow out there can simply unzip and swap from a cozy travel pillow to a fun loving plush animal!

Comfortably sleeping with Necknapperz Travel Pillow

Necknapperz are a revolutionary new neck pillow designed to make any form of travel not only more comfortable but loads of fun! Choose from over 20 different fun designs with many more on the way. We developed this product to help promote healthy posture when seated in a car, bus, train, airplane or simply at home in front of the television. The benefits to keeping the cervical spine correctly aligned are numerous and especially important for children whose bones are rapidly growing. So for comfort, joy and health – get a Necknapperz travel pillow!

We stand behind our products and will exchange any defective item within 30 days of purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.